The Value of Technology in Educating Young Children

The Value of Technology in Educating Young ChildrenAre young children well suited to the use of technology? Modern technologies are very powerful because they rely on one of the most powerful genetic biases we do have – the preference for visually presented information. The human brain has a tremendous bias for visually presented information. Television, movies, videos, and most computer programs are very visually oriented and therefore attract and maintain the attention of young children. When young children sit in front of television for hours, they fail to develop other perceptions. But the technologies that benefit young children the greatest are those that are interactive and allow the child to develop their curiosity, problem solving and independent thinking skills.

Technology plays a key role in all aspects of American life which will only increase in the future. As technology has become more easy to use, the usage of it by children has simultaneously increased. Early childhood educators have a responsibility to critically examine the impact of technology on children and be prepared to use technology to benefit children. Children educators must be more responsible in bringing a change in

Helping Boys to Read

Helping Boys to ReadThere is much discussion about the need to do more to help boys to read. It is well known that boys are slower readers than girls and later to start reading for pleasure, and it is the opinion of experts that the beginning of self-motivated reading out of interest is the break-through point in education, irrespective of the reader’s career aspirations. Reading is the essential tool for all courses of higher education. Complete fluency with lack of conscious effort is only achieved after many hours with books that capture the imagination. The challenge to teachers, authors and parents is how to generate the fascination to motivate that first stumble into a jungle full of long words and unfamiliar expressions, with the incentive to press on to the end no matter how many times the progress is interrupted.

Young people in the twenty-first century spend hours looking at screens on a variety of electronic devices from computers to mobile telephones. It is playing games that captures the young imagination and at first these involve only pictures and patterns. However, observant parents have reported that their children

Challenges in the Modern Education Management

Challenges in the Modern Education ManagementTackling violent incidents on the campuses of educational institutions seems to be one of the major administrative challenges. There are many instances of clashes, murder, group clashes, indecent behaviour with female staff or girl students, and other related incidents. It is unfortunate that such criminal incidents do take place on the campuses of educational institutions. All the concerned people are supposed to maintain standards and also protect the dignity of the educational institutions.

Teachers, managers, governments, media, voluntary organisations, and several other national and international organisations need to work towards the peaceful management of the educational institutions.

Mere seminars, workshops, research, may not yield the desired results. Concrete action is the need of the hour.

The increase in competition among the institutions is responsible for improvements in several facilities too.

Some of the major challenges include: 1. Safety, and security of all, 2. Supply of high quality food, in case of residential campuses, and water, 3. Quality of teaching, and non- teaching staff, 4. Misbehaviour, 5. Maintenance of over all quality, 6. Payments of bills, and receiving the fees, 7. Retaining,

A Teachers Role in Innovation

A Teachers Role in InnovationWhat does the trampoline, popsicles, braille, the Oink-a-Saurus App, and wristies have in common? Well, they were all invented by kids (Perman). Regardless of age, race, disability, or economic status the ability to become an innovator lies within. As educators we have the responsibility to educate and prepare students, all students, for their future, which can be the ultimate challenge when no one knows what the future will hold. The only consistency is knowing that each student will have a different future and this world, as we know it, will be drastically different in 20 years. While studying innovation, through an educator’s perspective, I’ve realized there are several roles we can play in order to inspire innovation but two really stand out: we can encourage and teach professional skills.

The initial role as an educator is to inspire and encourage innovation by never underestimating the creative intuition of anyone, especially a child. Teachers have the opportunity to boost a child’s confidence or destroy it. By merely saying “oh, that’s awesome” or giving a disbelieving look, the actions

Teachers Can They Be Taught

TeachersIf you are at all interested in education, you have no doubt wondered about the best ways of educating children. How do some educators receive remarkable results with students, while others do not? Is there some special secret? Method? What do these teachers, educators, do that make them so successful? And, why do others fail to garner results?

Some have attempted to “bottle” the methods of successful teachers by documenting their practices, movements, the words they use, their stances, positioning in the classroom, and interactions with students. They have written books, which have become bestsellers, guaranteeing that simply by practicing these techniques, anyone can become a master teacher.

It’s teachable. Transferrable. Has nothing to do with luck. Or, innate skill.

Yet, observations in classrooms of people attempting to mimic the style of highly effective teachers reveal minimum, if any, success. Novices are not becoming master teachers. People with years of experience in classrooms have not suddenly begun to push the needle on what students are able to do. It just isn’t happening.

In fact, more people entering the teaching profession have become disillusioned with their jobs.

Better Management Of The Education Sector

Management Of The Education SectorDuring the process of admissions, the parents need to be more vigilant. There might be false claims to attract more students. Such gimmicks include false number of results, other achievements, infrastructural details, quality of the residential premises, etc. In other words, the parents are required to check the background, achievements, reliability, reputation, etc very carefully. The employers major concern might be to enhance their profits. They might be in the process of expansion of their institutions. The parents have rights to get all the relevant data. They can even visit the classrooms, observe the teaching, hostel, and other promises made by the management.

Some educational institutions seem to be not adhering strictly to the rules related to the accounts management. Their fee structure has not been checked by the government officials strictly. In other words, the regulatory mechanism does not work properly. The parents need to think whether the high fee needs to be paid. In other words, is the institution worth the money paid. The quality of education imparted to their children, the infrastructure, qualifications of

Tips to Encourage Positive Behavior in Classrooms

Positive Behavior in ClassroomsOne of the profound challenges that teachers face these days is – classroom behavior. Disruptive behavior results in lost teaching time and un-conducive learning environment. The key to nipping behavioral problems in the bud; is to create a positive environment in classroom.

There are a lot of ways and means to encourage positive behavior in classrooms, but, to begin with – laying a good foundation in pupils is the most important aspect.

Here are some tips and guidelines to bring about positive behavior amongst students.


This is one of the most important regimen which a teacher can deploy to bring about order, discipline and attentiveness in a class. A teacher should resist from conducting a class until there is complete order restored. Persistence is one of the fundamental and effective tools, which a teacher can use to get the class to behave.


Students should ideally live up to the expectations of teachers. It is the duty of the teachers to ensure that students behave in a manner appropriate and conducive to learning. Teachers should avoid getting angry at irresponsible

3 Helpful Tips to Teach Grammar for ESL Teachers

Teach GrammarTeaching grammar is an imperative element of school education. Without proper grammar, written or spoken words usually lose their exact meaning and much of their value as well. It is a significant part of language to get right for which, teachers take special care on imparting the real importance of it to their students. However, the task becomes much tough to teach in an ESL setting.

One common way is to focus on the different forms and rules and helping students to learn the subject with help of rote memorization. But, for ESL teachers, the process is different as because the target audience treats English as their second language.

Going Out of One’s Comfort Zone

For teaching a topic, one needs to understand the very same. Teachers must know about different parts of sentences, rules and tenses including basics of the subject as well. The process of just running into the classroom and going through a series of answers and exercises is not the ideal way. Mostly, ESL students do not learn English in the same way by which native English speakers learn. So, the ideal

Educational Tips for Government Parents Teachers and Students


EDUCATION! A word that animates my face whenever I hear it. According to Google, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Well, to me, education is the learning about new ideas, places and the world itself.

There is a great difference between being literate and being educated; the ability to read and write is being literate while being educated is to be able to reason, to use your ability to read and write to your advantage.

We ask ourselves sometimes, why is education important, education is very important in our day-to-day activities, I strongly believe that by the time you are through with this article, you would be able to see the importance of education.

First and foremost, being educated makes a person happy. An educated person has little or no job insecurity, no inferiority complex as he/she would be able to defend his/her word anywhere and anytime due to his well organized understanding of the world. Truly, education is not the key

A New Perspective on Teaching and Learning

A New Perspective on Teaching and LearningHello Friends,

One of the best pieces of advice that I have heard as a teacher was “to be careful not to teach like you were taught.” That was easier said than done. After all, it worked for me and others. However, the time has come to recognize that the teacher is not the only source of information in the classroom. Students learn more than content in the classroom. The teachers also teach more than content. The teacher and the students’ personalities, values and belief systems affect the teaching and learning process. The environment including the advancement and accessibility of technology also play a role in the process.

I recalled as a French teacher in a particular setting, many students preferred Google Translation on their cellular device over the hard copy bilingual dictionary. I would have preferred that they used the dictionary. Why? I am one that values holistic learning. The dictionary is a rich valuable resource; it offers so much more than a translation- and in this case Google translation is sometimes out of context. I realize that it takes more

Honesty and Truth A Message to Teachers

Message to TeachersReality lies in the fact that one can acquire peace and contentment only when he is into that which pleases him and makes him a better person in addition to making his life worth-living.

I believe, real people are those who roll honestly no matter what grounds they fall on. Honesty undoubtedly is the best policy and not all have the power to be honest in everything that they do. We can not force anyone to be honest neither can anyone be asked to be honest nor can a law be made against such a person who fails to be honest.

Being honest with one’s profession is the best of all the core values. There are certain core values that define a person. We all have some good points and some negative ones. Some positive traits and some negative traits.

Life is not at all about being perfect, but if we need this world to be a better place and everything to go smooth, we should be honest. ALLAH blesses a person so much when he rolls on being the way ALLAH has asked him

Private Tutoring Vs Public Education

Private Tutoring Vs Public EducationA tutor is a professional instructor who tutors or teaches a student. The term ‘tutor’ is largely used in the context of private or personal teaching, either to a single student or a group of students, that are in need of supplementary tutoring outside the classroom.

Tutor profiles in different countries

The title is used to denote different job profiles in different countries. For instance, in the US, the term tutor is usually associated with a professional who instructs or teaches within a school setting. But often, a tutor is a professional instructor in a given subject or field and by and large, the term is used at a higher educational level – e.g. high school and college levels.

In the UK, a class of students or a ‘form’ is the responsibility of the ‘form tutor’ who is headed by a guidance teacher or year head and has full-time responsibility in his or her role as a specialist subject teacher. The form tutor is the person who interacts with parents about their child’s progress, shortcomings and any problems encountered at school and provides

Make America Great Again by Creating a Workplace Environment in the Elementary School Classroom

Elementary School ClassroomThe elementary classroom environment is vital for learning and success for every student. An ideal classroom is filled with students eager to learn and work at their student job, while asking questions, actively participating and cooperating with others. It is safe place that students look forward to being a part of everyday.

Changing education by changing the classroom environment into a thriving job oriented workplace is the key to improving the success of students and teachers. It is not only important to reward students for their job efforts, but to allow them to make their own choices in what they can do with their job earnings. This is done by setting up a banking and shopping day at the end of the week. This type of autonomous environment empowers students and motivates them to work at their school job as a student. This is the work ethic that we need students to foster so that they will transfer it into adulthood as an employee. Creating a workplace within the classroom with jobs and responsibilities that are rewarded with play money is an inexpensive way to establish

What Teaching Roles and Tasks Are Occurring in the Music Classroom

What Teaching Roles and TasksI once carried out a study in a high school in London, England aimed at identifying teaching roles and tasks occurring in the music classroom. The results of the study led to the conclusion that to varying degrees music teachers-during teaching episodes-assume roles of Enabler, Guide, Instructor and Assessor.

All 48 student who participated in the study said that their teachers carried out various teaching activities. When these activities were analysed, they were found to be associated with the teaching role of enabler. In this role, teachers set up conditions in which their students acquire information. For example, one student said that teachers made available several worksheets on Rock n’ Roll lyrics which helped students to make up their own song. Teachers used the internet and other technologies to aid in creating the conditions in which students could acquire information, skills and participate in music composition. For example, they used a video camera to capture students’ performance. Students would then access recordings of their performance via the school’s virtual learning environment (VLE) to self-critique. Teachers also presented

Teaching Job Overseas Expand Your Career Opportunities

Teaching JobIf you are looking ways to expand your career, take the step now. There are various opportunities overseas in several sectors that are opening the chances for fresher and experienced people as well. Teaching is one of the most promising jobs in the present times. People are eager to get a job of a teacher in the native nation or overseas. There are various reasons why most of the candidates are looking for teaching jobs. There is stability, good salary, security and flexibility in this field. There are even people who are relocating from their nation to other countries to teach, mainly English.

When you are thinking to relocate from one place to another, you will be not getting ample sources to choose the right job. Several things come in front when you are thinking to move overseas. Starting from selecting the right school for teaching, looking for accommodation to arranging the visa, every step is very difficult when you are doing alone. But, when you are taking help of a reliable job consultant agency, the process of getting the job becomes hassle free.

How to Search

Teacher Education and Teacher Quality

Teacher Education and Teacher Quality1.0 INTRODUCTION

One of the sectors which fosters national development is education by ensuring the development of a functional human resource. The institution of strong educational structures leads to a society populated by enlightened people, who can cause positive economic progress and social transformation. A Positive social transformation and its associated economic growth are achieved as the people apply the skills they learned while they were in school. The acquisition of these skills is facilitated by one individual we all ‘teacher’. For this reason, nations seeking economic and social developments need not ignore teachers and their role in national development.

Teachers are the major factor that drives students’ achievements in learning. The performance of teachers generally determines, not only, the quality of education, but the general performance of the students they train. The teachers themselves therefore ought to get the best of education, so they can in turn help train students in the best of ways. It is known, that the quality of teachers and quality teaching are some of the most important factors that shape the learning and social and academic growth of

3 Basic Requirements for Teaching English Overseas

Teaching English OverseasTeaching is a great profession. There are very few people who take this profession seriously. There are many people in the world for whom, learning becomes a tough task. They need the right guidance to make their target. The Oriental countries are beautiful, where teaching scope is not limited but is available in plenty. However, many are not aware of the rules and regulations that the countries now follow.

The basic requirements for teaching in these countries are –

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is essential for every aspiring teacher. The degree certifies the teacher to have adequate knowledge about the subject that he or she is applying to teach in these countries. If the degree is from a well-known university, which these countries recognize, then the process becomes easier for the teaching candidates.

Experience Counts in the Orient

Experience is something that you will need to become eligible for teaching in these nations. A relevant experience of two years of teaching will open up a number of opportunities for you. If your experience is longer than the basic need, then the opportunities

Early Education

Early EducationI am a Director of an early childhood center. I wanted to take the time to inform the community, particularly the parents of the community, of several opportunities that exists right in our area. Early Education! I am aware that the parents of this community are heavily involved in the welfare and of the achievements of their children. From the moment of their birth they are beginning to learn and collect information, even while still in their mother’s womb. Education plays a large role in our children’s welfare, now and later in life. I would like to make you aware of the different opportunities that there are available in this community, that will allow your child to be in an educationally enriched environment. If you haven’t heard of the term Early Education, let me share with you some background and research on the subject.

Common Misconceptions

In the past when people heard the word childcare, they may have automatically thought of a place that simply watched over your child while you were at work, or tending to some other

Professional Learning Opportunities For Teachers That Work

Professional LearningFor years I have heard the groans, moans, and sighs of classroom teachers, when they have heard the words PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The idea of teaching and managing the unique personalities of students for hours within a school day, and then to be forced to close the day with a training, in-service, or workshop is not appealing to most teachers. To make professional learning opportunities more appealing, three guiding principles should be considered: relevance, engagement, and opportunities for ongoing support.

The first question that is commonly posed by classroom teachers is “How does this professional development workshop apply to me as a teacher?” If teachers are unable to see how they fit within the equation, then physically they are present, but mentally they are disengaged. The fact of the matter is that all professional learning opportunities do not apply to all educators. For instance, preschool teachers would likely not find relevance in a workshop about the upcoming state-mandated test for 3rd-8th graders. Despite the fact that this population of teachers understand that they provide the fundamental skills that set the tone for the subsequent grades, they look for training

Why Teaching Is a Stressful Career

TeachingNow in 2016, much is being written and spoken about teacher stress. Teaching has always been a stressful career. Working with 25 individuals children in a primary school class would stretch the patience of most people. Then, in a high school situation, a teacher might have to interact with over 100 individual teenagers in a wide age range over a single day. We all know how difficult the teenage years are for the teenagers let alone their parents and teachers.

Stress can be divided into two areas. The first is related directly to the teaching situation while the second is related to issues from outside the classroom. In the main, the first type of stress is part and parcel of being in front of a class. Most teachers take that stress “in their stride”. The second is not in the control of the teacher. That is the dangerous stress, the stress that caused mental anguish and often leads to illness.

In this article, the first type of stress will be discussed. Let me begin by listing the many roles a