Better Management Of The Education Sector

Management Of The Education SectorDuring the process of admissions, the parents need to be more vigilant. There might be false claims to attract more students. Such gimmicks include false number of results, other achievements, infrastructural details, quality of the residential premises, etc. In other words, the parents are required to check the background, achievements, reliability, reputation, etc very carefully. The employers major concern might be to enhance their profits. They might be in the process of expansion of their institutions. The parents have rights to get all the relevant data. They can even visit the classrooms, observe the teaching, hostel, and other promises made by the management.

Some educational institutions seem to be not adhering strictly to the rules related to the accounts management. Their fee structure has not been checked by the government officials strictly. In other words, the regulatory mechanism does not work properly. The parents need to think whether the high fee needs to be paid. In other words, is the institution worth the money paid. The quality of education imparted to their children, the infrastructure, qualifications of teachers, their quality, management of the non-teaching staff, etc should be the concerns for the parents.

There are also reports that some educational institutions do not check the quality of the teachers strictly. The mere checking of the certificates of the aspiring teachers may not be the right way. Some faculty members knowledge levels do not match the expected standards. Two or more rounds of oral testing, written examinations, demonstrations, might go a long way in selecting the teachers.

The conduction of examinations too needs some constructive remedies. The purpose of examinations is to find out the level of understanding or depth of the knowledge of the students. Hence, there is also need to change the methodology of teaching too. Such transformations would ultimately lead to the over all development of the student community. Work shops, seminars, science fairs, educational tours, other practical methods, would be of immense help.

Rules and regulations of the institutions should also be framed according to the wishes of the students and the parents. For instance, the sudden ban of mobile phones on the campuses is responsible for wide spread protests by students and also the parents. There should be consensus on several controversial issues to avoid violence. Similar protests might occur due to the unilateral decisions by some of the institutions.

The institutions cannot violate the fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution.