Honesty and Truth A Message to Teachers

Message to TeachersReality lies in the fact that one can acquire peace and contentment only when he is into that which pleases him and makes him a better person in addition to making his life worth-living.

I believe, real people are those who roll honestly no matter what grounds they fall on. Honesty undoubtedly is the best policy and not all have the power to be honest in everything that they do. We can not force anyone to be honest neither can anyone be asked to be honest nor can a law be made against such a person who fails to be honest.

Being honest with one’s profession is the best of all the core values. There are certain core values that define a person. We all have some good points and some negative ones. Some positive traits and some negative traits.

Life is not at all about being perfect, but if we need this world to be a better place and everything to go smooth, we should be honest. ALLAH blesses a person so much when he rolls on being the way ALLAH has asked him to be. The right path has been told to us.

The good and the bad lies ahead of us. At every point in life, we find hurdles that do not let us move forward achieving all that we want to. Being honest costs nothing. The conscience of a person when stays satiated, nothing goes wrong. Even in the little a person can find goodness and peace.

The only thing that we entirely fail to understand is the importance of the core values. Core values need to be guarded and looked-after.

Wonderful are the teachers who teach wonderfully and impart knowledge asking students what they lack and how can improvement be brought in their technique and style of teaching on the contrary, absurd are those who keep grudges against students in their hearts when they themselves do not teach, HONESTLY.

Not all the students are alike. Some stand up for their cause alone and some represent the issues of others. Types vary from place to place and time to time.

It is not right to go against students just because they said the truth which merely was against you and you did not like it. If all that they said as in feedback was true, then there lies no point to do deductions in their papers or look at them with anger.

Students who do well; get 100% paper done and marks get given to them on the basis of a grudge, YOU HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS TO STAND UP FOR TRUTH. NO MATTER WHAT SOMEONE TELLS YOU. WRONG-DOERS keep doing wrong-doings because WE people stay silent.

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said:

“whosoever of you sees an evil, change it with your HAND. If you can not change it with hand, change it with your tongue and if you can not change it with your tongue, consider it bad in heart”


Halt the bad with force. If you can not, then talk about it and try stopping it and even if you can not do that then at least consider it bad in your heart.